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Should You Get a Flat Roof For Your Home?

These days there is a lot of advances and technology when it comes to roofing your home. They are much more durable and resilient than in years past, and that is good news since a roof is a main part of your home’s looks and structure. A well designed and installed roof should last your home for years.

When it comes to choosing a style of roof for your new construction or a renovation, there are many styles to consider. The
gable roofis triangular or the mansard which is common in French designed homes or the basic shed style where rain and snow run off the slope easily. There are some homes that combine two or more styles, giving them a unique design and look.

There are almost as many different types of material as there are styles too. They not only add a visual appeal to the home, but make it even more sturdy. From concrete to slate tile or a metal roof, each has it’s own signature to top off your home.

There are some areas that are starting to use flat roofs which appear to be completely horizontal but actually have a slight slope, which is needed so that rain, snow, and water can run off. Flat roofs really aren’t a new thing. They use to be made of gravel and tar but they were known to leak or have standing water that would go stagnant.

In the winter months, the was a bigger problem for homeowner’s because you would have to get up on top of them and make sure no snow or water was pooled up in one place. If that wasn’t checked regularly, it could pool up and then damage was soon to follow.

Today though, flat roofs are made from a variety of materials such as polymers and synthetic rubber combination. They are good for residential buildings as opposed to larger commercial buildings because the stability is better on smaller buildings. They are also sensitive to a lot of activity which causes them to crack easily.

Flat roofs take less time to install and are less expensive than the more traditional roofs. They also are easier to clean, maintain and they last longer because they handle the fluctuation in weather better. A flat roof also gives you the option to create a terrace garden, which can increase your home’s value.

If you are considering a flat roof installation for your home, consult with a licensed, qualified contractor that can give you the most informed and up-to-date information on them. Keeping your home protected as well as beautiful may start at the ground, but it finishes on top.  If you need help deciding whether or not a flat roof is right for your home, give our contractors a call.

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