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Green roofs are becoming all the rage these days. But, what are the benefits of having one? We look to answer that question and more in this post.

To get things started, our friends at Green Roof Technology have created some bullet points outlining the benefits:

Advantages of Green Roofs

For the Building Owner:

  • Expand roof life 2×3 times (up to 60 years)

  • Reduce air-conditioning costs

  • Reduce winter heating costs

  • Stormwater management tool

  • Up to 15 LEED credits

  • Government and municipality incentives

  • Improve public relations

  • Transform dead space into garden space

Check out some environment benefits here…

But what about their looks?  Do green roofs look good?  There are definitely some asthetic benefits according to Live Roof:

Aesthetic and Environmental Benefits

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Green roofs are much better looking than asphalt, gravel or tar

  • Natural views create more productive, healthy, happy, creative, relaxed people.

  • Green roofs expand the usefulness of buildings via patios, gardens and vistas.

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Last but certainly not least, lets talk about the ecological benefits of green roofs. According to Zinc GreenRoof:

The Ecological Benefits of a Green Roof

Provides Rainwater Management

Depending on the green roof design, the immediate water run-off can be reduced by 50–90 %, greatly reducing drainage flow rates. This enables the rainwater management system to be reduced in capacity, thereby greatly reducing construction costs.

Improves the Microclimate

Green roofs cool and humidify the surrounding air. Thus they create a beneficial microclimate within their immediate area and contribute to improving the microclimate in urban centres. Coordinated urban green roof development can significantly reduce the so-called “Heat Island” effect.

Binds Dust and Toxic Particles

Green roof vegetation helps to filter out dust and smog particles. Nitrates and other harmful materials are absorbed by the plants out of the air and rainfall and bound within the substrate.

For more ecological tips go here…

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular for a reason….they have tons of benefits! If you need help choosing the best roof for your house, give us a call today and speak with a qualified roofer.


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