Fix a Leaking Roof In Round Rock Texas

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Roof leaks can begin very tiny, and they often go unnoticed for months at a time. The problem with a roof leak is that it is hard to detect by most homeowners. Usually when visible signs of a leak are present, there has already been untold damage done to your roofing, attic, and insulation.
Roofing inspections by a professional are one of the best ways to spot roof leaks before they get to a stage where they can cause real damage. However, conducting the occasional inspection yourself with a flashlight in your attic, especially after a severe storm, can save you untold costs in roof repairs as well as damage to your home.
Detecting a Leak
As stated above, the hard part is determining whether or not you have a leak. Homeowners can venture into their attic with a flashlight during the nighttime, while having a member of their household outside. Shining a light up your roof can identify pinhole leaks to the person outside. The opposite works during the day, when sun may identify holes inside the attic.
If necessary, someone outside can always use a garden hose to wet your roof while someone inside the attic can identify leaks that way. However, the best way to detect a leak is to have regular inspections by your qualified roofing contractor, especially in the aftermath of a severe storm.
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Damage Leaks Can Cause
Even the smallest leak can cause catastrophic problems for your roof. Any leak that is left unattended will grow over time. Moisture will infiltrate your roof structure and attic. This can cause mold problems and even encourage moss on your shingles. Leaks compromise energy efficiency, especially when they weaken the integrity of your roofing layers.
Finally, by the time most homeowners notice a roof leak, such as a ceiling stain, the damage has already been done. Roof trusses may need to be replaced, and often, insulation is soaked through. You may also need to replace a section of your ceiling.
The best way to defend against leaks is to catch them before they can cause damage. The Round Rock Roofer can provide the inspections and roof repairs you need to keep your roof in great condition throughout the years. Visit us online or call us at:
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